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What do you need for a Sustainable ICT Infrastructure in Low Resource Settings (Guide)

Table of Contents Part 1: Choosing the Right Infrastructure Buildings/Facilities ICT Infrastructure Step 1- Define your requirements Step 2 – Select your computing platform(s) Step 4 – Select peripherals Internet/Data Services Choosing your connection What future options are likely? Other options? Contracting and bandwidth management Power Infrastructure Solar Power Systems Inverters Generators Hybrid systems System … Continue reading

Which trends to watch in international development for 2012?

As the world adjusts to seven billion people, and begins its creep toward eight billion, doing more with less will become increasingly important.  Continuing economic stagnation and budgetary concerns in OECD countries will also put stress on existing commitments of foreign assistance and hamper new initiatives. Greater efficiency and effectiveness in development is paramount. Below are … Continue reading

Which Tech Innovations Could Change the Developing World?

Across the developing world, new technologies are helping to distribute resources for education, connectivity and health far and wide. Innovators are finding ways to make technology cheaper and therefore accessible to millions previously excluded by high costs. 1. Inexpensive Tablets 2. Inexpensive Laptops 3. Inexpensive Mobile Phones 4. Alternative Energy 5. Improved Sanitation Source: Mashable … Continue reading

How to design websites for development countries

Why? – why design for low bandwidth Top Ten Tips – the most important advice Design Guidelines – the full guidelines Outsourcing – how to outsource low bandwidth design Tools – analysers, simulators and design tools Made by: Aptivate with support from INASP Source: http://www.aptivate.org/webguidelines/Home.html

Why and how to invest in African countries

Why? [In 2012] New investor interest thanks to continuing coverage of Africa economic growth potential vs other markets- especially in the attractive mobile segment (700M subscribers barrier will definitely be crossed in 2012). – Mbwana Alliy How? 1. Learn the continent: Africa = Diversity 2. This is not America or Europe: Africa = Uniqueness 3. Shed … Continue reading